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Comexim Inez

So this is how the Comexim bra 40GG fits my friend. It obviously doesn’t fit well, but I’m not 100% sure how to fix this. I told her she needs to size up, but she felt the cups were too big (there was a bit of space at the top before I helped her to scoop her breast tissue into the cups.)
What’s going on with the strap area?

Sadly I’ll have to sell the bra because she doesn’t want it. She doesn’t like that it pushes her breasts out instead of down (which is what she’s used to)

I did get her permission to post and ask for help.

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  • It'll be hard to be able to troubleshoot if you don't have the bra anymore/your friend doesn't want to wear it anymore, but first of all, those straps look way too long. I'd definitely tighten them a bunch if it was me. That might explain the too big/too small in the cup conundrum you two were having depending on what happens if you do tighten them. The wires also look like they're on your friend's breast tissue, so I'd be inclined to be in the too small in the cups camp as well, but it could also be that Comexims won't really work on her in general.

  • A shame, Inez is a lovely bra. Did she explain that the cup felt too big in any particular way? The bra floating at the gore by a few inches, is due to not having enough room in the bottom of the cup for her projection. The wing appears somewhat short as well. A too small size in any brand will force breast volume backward into the chest, unlike in the ads it's not a fun or pretty thing in reality... this isn't contained to the center of the chest, but will displace the breast into the armpit region, which can cause a bit of bulge on the outside and complicate strap fit... Comexim does well for petite proportions, but things can get tricky in larger sizes and especially for those of us who are either short rooted, or very projected, or god forbid both. There's others who have bought comexim plunges and posted fit checks trying to work out how they can have a cup that is both too big with gaps in the cup yet not deep enough ie the gore floating, cups collapsing, etc. I know we're on opposite ends of the band spectrum & I have the benefit of a 'never met a strap that falls off', but I suspect some typical GG/H (J/K) cup scaling issues apply to your friend's fit issues I've also felt in this comexim size range.

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