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Bravissimo / Pepperberry Clothes & sizing

There was a recent adventure about curvy clothes which made me realize how many PB / Bravissimo items I have that I don't wear at all.
Some items are just too small as I have not lost my quarantine extra pounds yet. But even when items were the right size (due to their size chart) I struggle to make them work! The fit is just off. Of course it is better than a regular blouse but still not really how it should be. I am currently a size 16 SC in their size chart. I have size 18SC items where the bust space and the armholes feel too small. This could be just inconstistencies. Or their clothes just don't work for my particular body type / height despite being busty and their traget audience?
I kinda feel bad that they don't work for me. Like I failed to fit into clothes made for my body type therefore I failed them. I know it's not true and clothes should fit me not I fit the clothes. But somehow PB clothes give me bad feelings. And at the same times I hesitate to clear them out since they don't make them anymore and I would not be able to get them again.

So I want to ask here if you struggle with the fit of their clothes too? If you don't mind to answer, what bra size do you wear vs your PB size and is the size chart accurate for you?

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  • I struggle with their clothes. And other busty clothing. I just got a Urkye top that's okay, it's fits similarly though. It was very affordable compared to other brands though (around $35 USD shipped). I wear a UK 30G and I have PB/Bravissimo clothes in 8SC-12C that all fit different. The most common problem I have is the fabric tends to cling to all the places I'm trying to hide, like around the band where I have a lot of skin from weight loss, in the arms, or at the bottom of my stomach. Even dresses that aren't tight fitting have this issue. I did find one zip up puffer jacket in 10SC for only $15 on ebay that's a perfect fit, and it's the only good fit out of the 20-30 pieces I've tried.

  • I'm so sorry PB clothes give you bad vibes! The only clothes i've ever tried on from them is one loose, jersey maxi dress I bought used. That fit, but that isn't saying much! I have learned through sewing that there is SOOooo much variation in bodies and while PB/Bravissimo is made for a larger bust circumference, there are still many other measurements that need to work to fit each body.

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