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I found another wireless I like... » All bra adventures


I found another wireless I like...

I still haven't found my dream bra but I have time. I wear wireless bras until I find better because comfort. I fell in love with Warner's cloud 9 because it was made with Nylon and Elastane and is full coverage, the only con was 34 is the smallest band size so I wear it on the tightest hook as I am a 32D/30E. They got rid of it and started selling the design in Polyester and Elastane. The comfort went down a lot but pills less and is probably more affordable I'm guessing due to the fact that the price went down too... depending on where you got it. All I know is that both versions were sold at the same time at one point, but not usually at the same place. Department stores sold the Nylon one for 40ish and the polyester one you would find at walmart for 15 and still you can find it from 15-20 dollars or pay extra to buy it at at department store for 40 as it "replaced the original" even though it's not worth that. I find that it claims it's original price to be 42 but is marketed "on sale" for 20 or 25 or as part of a buy one get one type sale at any given time by department stores. Anyway Victoria's Secret Incredible push up bra surprised me. I have tried some of theirs in the past and was not satisfied but this one is making me wonder if the original is also good. I've been looking for a wireless push up as well for a long time and found one I can wear long hours and still be comfortable.

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  • I would suggest that you take some good quality photos of yourself in your best non-padded bra and hear what more long-term folks have to say. It can be a normalizing experience and break some thought patterns you have of your body enough so that you can open up your thinking into buying the bras that you need not the ones you think you need. Go slow on the buying process! Measure your bras, measure yourself..... do it again. And have a look at photos of real people here at bratabase in bras of a size for you. Cheap bras do not cut it. Done with advice! Good luck on your bra journey.

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