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Ranting about size, shape, and fit discomfort » All bra adventures


Ranting about size, shape, and fit discomfort

Sometimes I feel like my shape and fit preferences don't match up well because I fall in the middle range of two extremes.

For example, my breasts are not far apart or close set but I usually find bras with low or close gores more comfortable depending on how high the gore sits, they're not top or bottom heavy (based on the center of my nipples. I also have wide roots projection and teardrop shape) but most bras look decent on me because I have soft tissue and conform to the shape of the bra I prefer full coverage and bras that give me a round shape, my shoulders are not wide or narrow if anything they are slightly wide, but I deal with fit issues like straps are too far apart and the apex irritates my tales of spence (The axillary "tail of Spence” referring to a contiguous extension of adipose angling superolaterally from the primary breast into the axilla) Could this be due to my height? I continue to learn more about bras and sizing, but there are no clear road maps for finding bras for shapes and sizes with adequate preference options.

I feel like I can't make sense of my shape and what styles and types make me happy. I really want to find wired bras that I don't hate but I've only found wireless bras I can wear and feel 100% okay with wearing all day. The problem is they offer less support than I need. I am short and thin with small to medium volume breasts 30E. Is there anyone else that has felt like me? Maybe I'm too picky I just want my bra to do what it's supposed to do and be comfortable.

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  • I’m short and high set, and the strap thing is a significant problem for me, too. So far, after trying literally hundreds of bras, I’ve only found 2 styles that have the right amount of projection for me (which seems to be average, best I can tell) and don’t irritate my TOS: the Panache Cari and Freya Offbeat (both the side support and plunge versions). I also tend to wear around a 30E.

  • Your 'being caught between 2 extremes' sings to my soul. Do you suppose it's more being petite overall, or having a short breast as well? The latter could compound the need for depth!
    While there are much options for a large root in higher band & letter sizes, the smaller the cup/letter, the less room there is in the cup for both the wider root, plus center fullness (guess they want you to pick one). So it makes a lot of sense that you are 'not close set, but needing a narrow gore for space', as there just isn't very much space for your tissue having both base (root) and center fullness. It might be wise to try on 'up a cup/down a band size' with extenders, and see if you do not get relief from difference in proportions, and the side-set strap issue? The cup should be the same size but cup would be shorter while also deeper. J hooks and crossback are good for keeping straps on but really aggravate the strap cutting in aspect. For strap sawing on tail of spence, be wary of bras that ascend straight up like / from the outer wire to the strap, and look for styles which have the strap set closer to the center of the cup, with a nice J shape or curve along the outer top so straps can avoid most of root-to-arm issues. Your main issue may well be still getting the right cup shape down, or it might be a matter of the bra frame not being good for your body type. So this may be of no use, but, extreme case of anatomy for reference: I'm a somewhat different set of fit needs, tall with wide shoulders, but very short torso. My short breasts start off narrow and very projected at 27' underbust, but connect to a wide and tall root a matter of a few inches up, reaching to collarbone. Styles that shouldn't work for me (fob, super projected, inner full, etc) happen to have just enough room, while styles that match my shape (fot, shallow, outer full side control) do not match my 2-in1 body type, then do not fit. This 'opposite size' combo of features then causes projected bras to fit too tightly & collapse on top and bottom, while shallow bras fold into themselves sideways over the fullest part of my breast (looks like 2 stacked breasts). You probably won't have something like this, but most people have trouble with the gore, wing or strap being wrong for their body, and having a hard time wearing the correct shape and size cup.

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