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Jan 07, 2022 » All bra adventures


Jan 07, 2022

Is there anywhere on the site where people post their favorite / best bra choices?

Lost a little weight and I'm due for another ordering haul (in the US so there are no good stores near me) and it would be helpful to know people's go-to for my general size and shape. (32H, full on top, narrow root, breasts wider than root, narrow gore, dense).

Thank you for all your help. I feel like I take from this site more than give - partially because I still feel like a newbie with getting the correct size and partially because too much computer screen is bad for my brain.) I appreciate everyone's help and will try to be better about posting pics / measuring bras. :)

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  • Some people post under "favorites" a list of their favourite bras. (however, I just kind of use that list as my "wish list" of bras...also I don't think I have the list visible).

    that's why I find the "follow" feature useful on bratabase - you can follow people with your similar size and shape (or just because you find their reviews interesting, lol).

    Also, some people have a little intro about their shape, and what bras work best for them in their shape/size (e.g. Happy2BraShop or WildWolff

    I think only by reading bratabase reviews (time consuming, yes...but I always read the reviews before I buy a bra online!) will you be able to find people with your similar size/shape. Also, bra blogs.

    Btw, breasts that are larger at the end than at the breast root are called "omega-shaped breasts," there might be some good blog articles about this shape, e.g.

    You could go under your size and see which are the most popular bras. HoWeVeR, that doesn't account for breast shape at all. So, obviously, popularity of the bra doesn't mean that it's going to work for you.

    E.G., this list of bras (listed by the highest number of reviews in your size)
    Hope that helps!

  • There is a little known feature hidden under a link that nobody clicks on.

    When you got to a model's page for a bra you like, for example Panache Jasmine Balconnet Bra (6951). There's a "Users' list" menu that's hidden under the "more >" link at the right of the menu that contains "Measurements table", "Size range",

    That "Users' list" contains a link of people's lists that contain this bra. And below that list you can see which are the top other bras that are usually grouped with this. So it's kinda like People who liked X also liked Y.

    Note that this is only grouping by how people have grouped them in their lists, this does not feed from any fit or measurements data.

    Caveat, the pages are a bit slow to load, I need to work on optimizing that.

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