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Comexim sizing/shape help?

I'm still working out if/what to order in Comexim's Black Friday sale and I'd really appreciate some sizing/shape help.

I currently have 2 3HCs, a Wildflower longline and a Spring unlined, both in 65L. In both of these I can scoop and swoop into the cup fine, but I'm very center full and before too long they push the gore away from my sternum and if I press it back down I get spillage in the center. I'm not clear if going up a cup size would fix this or if it's a shape issue. I'm also aware that both my bras are non-standard 3HCs, so is it possible that the standard cut would be better?

I've not tried the plunge yet because my understanding is that the projection at the wire is worse than on the 3HC, but I'm wondering if the plunge cut is any better for center fullness? If that's the case, I could try a plunge with added depth at the wire, but then I'm not sure about the sizing. I've seen advice to size down in the plunge vs the 3HC so would a 65K with 1cm added depth at the wire be a good bet assuming the 65L is the right volume but a shape mismatch?

If it helps, my best fitting bras are a Ewa BM in 65GG and a PL in 65H, and my shape is close set, center full, even vertical fullness, a lot of immediate projection, and tall, narrow roots.

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  • In my experience, the 3HC was much worse for projection than the plunge style, but neither were great for immediate projection without added depth. I have not ordered from Comexim with alterations, I've purchased all my altered Comexim bras second hand so I can't give great advice there, but I can share sizing and style compared to EM. The Comexim plunge is not like the Ewa plunge, the gore is much higher (unless you ask for it to be reduced), the cup depth is different (it's deepest at a higher point than Ewa), and the band is stretchier. I wear a 65GG/70G in Ewa PL, 65G in BM, and I have Comexim plunges with alterations in 60L and 65K that fit. I am also center full with immediate projection and I think the plunge works well. From what I've read here, if you're adding depth at the wire either keep the same cup size or go down one cup, but it may depend on the specific bra. Hopefully others can give better advice! Or you could try writing to Comexim for advice, they're helpful with sizing and suggestions.

  • I agree that plunges have more immediate depth. You can add 2cm to plunge and 1cm to 3HC, iirc.

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