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just checking!!

so a while ago i posted a fit check and a suggestion i got was that i look for/buy bras based on measurements of the bra itself, not the on-paper size of the bra, and.. how do i do that?? ^^;
it's not so much the finding a specific bra or a specific size on here that i'm having an issue with, it's that i don't know what i'm supposed to be looking for! my best Fitting but not most comfortable bra is 67 cm at the band when stretched and it is (at least Feels) way, way too tight for me, so i Assume i should be looking for bras that are a couple centimeters bigger in the band when stretched? or should i be looking for un-stretched band measurement, or both? and if both what am i looking for??
and is there a way to get a better idea of the specific measurement i should be looking for for bands that isn't as vague as "bigger than 67 cm" and Doesn't involve buying a bunch of bras and hoping they fit? i'm espescially bony-chested, so do i just go with the loosest but still On There measurement that i get with a measuring tape?
the only other issues i think i get based off this bra is i need straps to be closer together, which seems straightforward enough i assume theres a measurement for the distance between straps here, and i need shallower cups which i assume there are (albeit maybe hard to find...) lists/compilations online about more shallow bras, go here and check the measurements for that specific bra size-by-size and figure out what'd fit me best (once i figure out how!), all that
this is a bit tangent-y sorry but a worry that crossed my mind is that due to my bony-ness i'll have to stick to underwire-free bras only if i wanna be comfortable, which i hope isn't the case cause i want something other than my back helping to hold my boobs, lol! and i'm okay with something being snug and kinda stuck to me (but not sticky? does that make sense?? Solidly There) feeling, but i worry i'll have to sacrifice feeling sturdy for feeling comfortable, and worst case scenario my boobs are gonna fall under the band of my bras for forever which i really hope is not the case!! DX maybe i'm underestimating how supportive an underwire-free properly-fitting bra can be, or assuming underwire will always be uncomfortable if you're bony, which i hope i am!! but i dunno, i'm just unsure about band size and hope good bras thatll work for me are out there...

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