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Still a bit confused about my shape, could someone provide some insight? » All bra adventures

Still a bit confused about my shape, could someone provide some insight?

Currently have a CK Lifestyle plunge in 32J on the way after trying the flutterby in 32HH and it ending up being a size too small. Fit wise it was basically perfect minus the quadding. What should this tell me about my shape?

I've tried

Panache envy 32J: I could fill the bottom of the cups okay but the stretch lace was puckering, cups were ridiculously high

Panache Clara 34HH : fit was basically perfect even though the wires were slightly wide, gore not tacking, breast tissue escaping

Panache Andorra Unlined 32HH: cups were too small, breast tissue escaping

CK Delightful 32HH: Slight quadding, cups came up very high, could have had a tad more projection, gore not tacking,breast tissue escaping

Comexim Unlined 3HC 32O: wires were way too narrow and painful, too much fabric in the upper section, tissue escaping

Elomi Meredith 32J: projection was okay, cups were too high and ridiculously wide, tissue escaping

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  • What I'm hearing from this alone is that you're probably wide rooted, short rooted, and full on bottom. That sounds to me like you're pretty shallow for your size range--it makes sense that you'd like a plunge, they tend to be on the shallow side.

    From here, I'd suggest looking for plunges and also padded bras if you think you'd like them. I think you'll continue to like CK if you stay away from their full cup styles.

    Also, a lot of people don't tend to have static cup sizes. I do wonder what you would have thought of some of these other bras if you'd gotten them in a different size--for instance, maybe the Envy in 32HH, which at least in my size range (somewhat close to 32HH) has a pretty wide cup structure (although you still might find it tall--I'm short rooted too but get away with it because I'm projected and that pushes my breasts up and out of the shallower bottom of the cup).

    EDIT to add on: if you like a bra, check out its measurements on bratabase and see which bras users have entered similar measurements for too! You'll probably end up with certain measurements you pay closer attention to than others--for you that might be cup height etc

  • @bustyand that would make sense, it seems like when I try to correct one fit issue, others pop up. I do have to say though that I prefer plunges because my tissue is pretty close set,and apparently I also carry a lot of it towards the center (I'm also pretty freaking short), so short that I get issues with Demi's, Balconies, with half cups being the literal devil for me lol. I did try a range of sizes with CK Delightful and Wonderful and found it to be a shape issue because a size down would definitely be too small, next size would still fit weird, then a size up would be too big. I have tried padded bras before and there's not enough space for me near the wires so they end up either folding over or the cup basically collapses on the bottom, they end up sliding a couple inches below my IMF, and I run into the same issue of my tissue slipping out albeit more rapidly lol. Until now I've basically just described my shape as an actual nightmare because I can never seem to get something that fits without other issues arising that points to a different shape/fullness/width and then it basically ends up being a Schroedinger's...breast?? Lol. I did notice that when I'm wearing a bra and am actually supported my tissue does this weird thing where instead of D it's more of a b when supported, as in I can tell the front half of my breast is a bit wider than the rest. I don't really know how big of a factor that would play though.

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