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DDD+ American bra-sizing system is truly ridiculous » All bra adventures


DDD+ American bra-sizing system is truly ridiculous

My sister recently forwarded me this email from LuLulemon. I think she thought they would have my size? It's re: the release of their new "larger cup" sports bra. C-DDD cup.

I had to explain to her (we don't discuss bras! though I sort of bravangelize her, but she actually doesn't need to wear a bra for support -the $ she must save!) that their system was both too large (band) and too small (DDD) for me.

She's an intelligent person, so I think she got it, but later I was thinking --this DDD+ bra-sizing system the U.S. uses is truly ridiculous. Just from fact that it's so much less confusing to just use one or two letters.

either stick with the EU system (one letter), or UK system (one letter, double letters, one letter, double, etc. starting at D.) I found this handy chart.

addendum: has anyone tried the Air Support bra from Lulu? What do you think?

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  • I always try to preach that **There is NOT US SYSTEM**. Stop pretending you can say a US cup.

    Anybody trying to do a US translation will always get it wrong because each brand has the all-american freedom to do whatever they want in their sizing, and change it whenever they want.

    UK is MUCH more consistent, and even then still not 100% used, I recall there being some UK brand using I cups, and it's unexplored territories beyond KK.

    EU can misleading since one the most popular big size EU brand (Ewa Michalak) uses actually UK cups. And EU brands will do different things:

    It's best to stick to Index sizes ;)

    All this is of course because there is no ISO about how cups should grade, I know there's some tailoring standards, but if brands were to stick to it, they would lose their secret sauce on their so called "perfect fit".

    The whole idea behind starting Bratabase 14 years ago was just that, that even within the same UK system you cannot trust that an H cup will fit the same.

  • yes! it was even mentioned in this academic paper,

    "It is important that women realise there may be discrepancies in bra sizing between manufacturers (Hardaker and Fozzard 1997) and that their body shape may influence bra fit (Chen et al. 2010, Pandarum et al. 2011). A woman’s breasts will change size and shape throughout the menstrual cycle and throughout the life cycle (McCool et al. 1998, Page and Steele 1999), so frequent evaluation of bra fit is necessary. To help women select appropriately fitting bras McGhee and Steele (2006) suggested that a new reliable bra sizing system should be developed, which standardises the procedure for calculating cup and band sizes..."

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