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Rant that involves never finding your actual size » All bra adventures


Rant that involves never finding your actual size

So I used to be pretty solid 30G in the before time (10+ years ago) and I never had any trouble finding a bra that fit because I lived in a city with a wicked good bra boutique.

Then I had some life changes and lots of body changes and I took to wearing sports bras or no bras and life was pretty sweet for a while. After a few years I became pregnant, had a baby, nursed forever (still am) and slowly realised that I really needed to get a decent bra because major ouch. I tried to guess my size by trying on some old ones and trying to figure out what I'd need for it to fit and of course (of course) the bras I bought never fit. I didn't really have any headspace for trial and error so I just used what I had and then I stumbled upon A bra that fits! and started to learn about bra fitting. I did the calculator and wound up with a size that I tried a few times and just cried because _none of them fit_. I know I'm far from alone in this but it's just so depressing to have an incorrect size over and over and over.

A few days ago, months and years after starting this never-ending incorrect bra size adventure, I found this blog about parachute bras:

It was pretty eye-opening because I realised that this is what I've been doing now, I've been taught that tighter is better and as tight as possible is the best fit. But of course it isn't because you're not supposed to be in pain from wearing bras, a bit of discomfort - maybe, but pain? No.

So I redid my measurements with the ABTF calculator, carefully smooshing my bottom-outer full, soft, very pendulous and narrow-short rooted omega boobs together and ended up with the suggested starting size of 38K. I've never tried a 38 band before because I've thought that it's going to be too loose, but if I'm going to start all over doing this, I might as well start at the beginning, so to speak.

I'm feeling a little bit dejected because I seem to always end up here, with no bras that fit and a very small selection of bras that are potentially going to fit but maybe probably not. None of us are made of money and the thought of spending any more on trying to find even one single bra that fits is making me feel a bit tired.

End rant.

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  • we are here for you. feel free to vent any time ; /

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