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Finally found abtf, I finally understand the hype behind comexim! » All bra adventures


Finally found abtf, I finally understand the hype behind comexim!

This is just a thoughts dump but hopefully, a pretty dump :)

I already posted about this on ABTF but I thought I'd just make a post about my journey and the fit, etc. I will repeat some points in the bra reviews (gotta do that) but just wanted to share my thoughts.

I bought 5 55HH bras (4 3hc and 1 balcony plunge) from someone on braswap, after my epic fail with the 55H comexims. Which looked like they fit bit made me miserable and I finally understand why!

They squished my boobs so much that it didn't even have the chance to go out from the top or anywhere. That and my breasts are quite firm. When I bend over in the 55HHs, I get a very slight quad/push up effect, which I didn't in the 55H because it squished my tits so much. The half cup 3hc does, indeed, give cakes on a plate look. Which I lovveee, it's comfy but it gives a slight oomph.

The balcony (altered to have reduced cups), I knew it wouldn't fit perfect just from the measurements (the cup depth is okay tho) but I got it anyway because unlined bras hate me and I'd love to know what alterations I could have done when I order directly from comexim. I'd like a perfectly fitting unlined bra one day. Lemme just tell you, I definitely understand why so many plunges are ordered with reduced cups and straps moved in! The straps are so wide! So, even the cup fit fairly okay (too tall), the wide straps created a gap near the straps, which was fixed by moving the straps on my shoulders but I can't wear a bra like that. It's still okay under clothes and the little gaping doesn't bother me but the great thing is now I know what to order if I want a perfect unlined bra! :)

Also, when I received the bras, the cups looked so big. I was actually nervous, thinking it wouldn't fit but oh my god, such bliss. My boobs and feel fantastic, the band is perfectly snug and feels like a hug, didn't have to adjust my bra once while I was out for hours. It even fixes my posture! The material is great, I prefer the material the print bras are made of but that doesn't mean the basics are uncomfortable in any way. I didn't feel hot in it, surprisingly. I'm just so darn happy with them. The unlined bras... That's still a mountain to cross over but I'm pretty close, thanks to comexim, and I think it's definitely possible.

Thank you for reading and helping, even just by participating in discussions I read. :)

Edit to add the link for pictures of one of the bras (my favourite one)

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  • Congrats! Yes Comexims are magical IMO. and you can order next time with straps moved in. It’s great that they do alterations and mostly for free!

  • Yay! High-five on the bra win! Nothing beats a well fitting, comfortable, bra.

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