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Jun 10, 2021 » All bra adventures


Jun 10, 2021

Should I be concerned about my rapid breast growth? I take it as a positive thing, however I went from having no boobs to being a 32JJ in 13 months. Even if they're shallow this is still a huge size. I can tell that they're not done growing yet as well. Trans breast growth can take 2-5 years to finish developing so I have a lot of time left, although the growth could slow down. I've noticed that a lot of weight I put on goes straight to my boobs, and they can grow a cup size a month. For perspective, 6 months ago I was wearing a 32F.

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  • A doctor is probably gonna be the only one that can answer that question for you. I believe I saw a post from you before talking about breast implants. In which case it would be extra important to have a doctor to check it because leaky implants can be a health hazard.

    A cup a month on itself doesn’t have to be an issue. I have heard of a lot of women gaining 1-2 cup sizes per month as a reaction to extra estrogen wether natural like from a pregnancy or from pills containing them. I don’t see why there would be difference in reaction between cis and trans women.

  • @lunamoon Yes, I plan on getting implants once they're done developing so I can improve my shape etc. I'll be going with saline, so it leaks there shouldn't be any issues since my body will absorb it.

    I was thinking that I have been growing around a cup size a month consistently since last May. I know that everyone develops differently, but because of my shallow shape I often underestimate the fact that in reality I'm up there in terms of my cup size, and I have so much trouble finding a bra. 3 more cup sizes and I won't even be able to find a bra in Bravissimo.

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