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Reduce projection without minimizer? Or minimizer for shallow-on-top? » All bra adventures


Reduce projection without minimizer? Or minimizer for shallow-on-top?

Hi! I'm new here. What are any suggestions or guidelines for finding a bra that will reduce projection? My breasts are projected when lifted properly but not pushed towards my torso (so, the pointy look I get with the Panache Jasmine - lifted and projected instead of lifted and rounded.) While I'm not sure if they're considered moderately or quite projected, either way I don't like how it affects they way some blouses hang, so I want to reduce the projection. In particular I'm hoping for something that will work for a white silk blouse. Apparently I love a bra challenge.

I tried Bali Passion for Comfort minimizer in a 32D, and while the reduced projection was great, the problem was I didn't fill out the tops, so the wrinkles from the unfilled top area - those few inches where the cup starts at the strap - showed through my thin blouse. I returned it so can't post photos. I am shallow on top + FOB, and have very soft tissue (which might be why I get the pointy look in the Jasmine, but that's for a different post). All the minimizers I've found seem to be cut high in that way where I won't fill it out at the top near the strap. I'd love a balcony-style minimizer but haven't seen one. And, I think my bra size is 30DD, but minimizers start at bigger sizes, hence the Bali in 32D. I looked up "compression" and only got sports bras.

Does anyone know if there is a minimizer that would suit FOB/shallow-on-top breasts, at the smaller band size?

OR, is there a way to achieve this with a different style bra? Lifted but with reduced projection, that won't show through clothes? Maybe something that is smooth and gives a lifted + rounded (instead of pointy) look? All I can think of is a shallow (and maybe too small?) t-shirt bra to squash my boobs in, but that doesn't seem ideal. Thanks!

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  • Minimizers are designed with a shallower apex and more volume in top of the cup, this pushes the tissue into the top of the cup, minimizing projection. If you're not filling the top you may try a 32C, bali does make a minimizer in that size.
    The other option is to just try some shallow cut bras, but that very well may cause other fit issues for you.
    If you post your measurements there are a lot of very knowledgeable people here who could point you in good direction.

  • Thanks so much. Measurements are on my profile and visible (I think?) or this should be the link:

    I might give the bali 32C a shot, though I think that cup would just be overall too small and uncomfortable. It's interesting that the minimizer is supposed to push tissue into the top of the cup - I don't think it had enough lift to do that for me. I really need to be hoisted. So it squished me in more like a pancake, which minimized projection but without filling in the apex. Maybe it squished in that way because it was too small? Since I'm really more like a 30DD?

    If trying a shallow cup like you mentioned, would you suggest I keep my band size (30) and go up a cup size to E or F? Could be worth a shot.

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