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Jan 08, 2021 » All bra adventures


Jan 08, 2021

It is that time of year...the magazines and websites are all pretending that they know something about sports bras. I suppose it is a bit of a hate-read for me, I haughtily critique the articles in my head. "Ha! Yeah, I BET your tester is a 36D...probably really a 30F." "Seriously? You think THAT is what constitutes support? Have you seen a pair of breasts larger than a crepe?" "Diapers are more adjustable than this model." "Oh, you included SheFit as an option. Well, at least there is one semi-decent option for women who want actual support rather than a crop top with spandex."

Then I find myself getting annoyed because it does sound like there actually is some interesting technology out there that could make for a good sports bra, but looking at the sizing, the only way a woman with much up top is going to be able to try it is if she plays the plus four game (or worse), which would likely negate any positive effects of the bra. I also find myself wondering if the technology is actually any good, considering that it is likely that they are not sizing properly, so would it actually do anything if used in an accurate size, or does it perhaps just compensate for bad fit?

Also: can we stop pretending that you can have half your breast exposed and NOT bounce? That's not how they work!

Do you have criteria for whether these sort of articles are decent or complete garbage? Not just sports bras, but bras in general? I tend to take them a little more seriously if they include a brand like Panache as an option, or if a tester/author mentions she is a less common and/or non-matrix size. She might still be in the wrong size, but I give more credence to an article mentioning "Mary, size 30E" than one that mentions "Jen, size 36DD".

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  • Ha ha! I’m in complete agreement! Though I am hard on all the bras. I’m taking Pilates and I been trying to reserve my budget for the classes, and therefore not wanting to spend $100 on a sports bra.

    I actually don’t need a ton of support. I just need something comfortable with a bit of support and containment. I have to be comfortable on my back as a lot of my exercises at this point are based on my back.

    But it seems like in order for me to get a proper fit, I need a bra sized sports bra which is a little bit of overkill. If I want a pullover style, it’s either squish and slightly quad in a small with a band size that fits or I size up until I fit the cups and the band is too loose and my boobs want to fold down from lack of support or slip out t the bottom.

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