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How do you tell if a bra is too small if it doesn’t quad? » All bra adventures


How do you tell if a bra is too small if it doesn’t quad?

I have a blocked milk duct and I think it’s because of the bra I wore yesterday. I measure roughly 32G UK last time I checked. Yesterday I decided to wear a 32FF Freya plunge. It felt fine and everything fit in. Tighter than I’m used to, but no quad or sliding down wires. Today, I have a plugged duct and it hurts! Did the bra cause it? And are there other leas obvious signs of a bra being too small that I missed?

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  • Check to see is you have side boob? I have a few 30Fs in Cleo that appear to fit as I don’t quad but I have a bit of side boob showing.

  • Well, there is a good chance that the bra did not cause the blocked duct. But you probably want to lean on the safe side and wear wireless bras that run slightly big to accommodate your constantly changing breasts.
    Otherwise, Freya is known for running big in the band and cup. Especially their plunge styles.
    But here are some ways to check if a bra is too small. Push on your wires. Is all your tissue properly encased in the cups/wires? You'll know it is because when you push into the wires they will either push into torso/rib cage or they'll push into breast tissue. Is the gore laying flat or sitting on breast tissue? Is the gore floating? Are the wires laying flat or floating as well. Often times a bra that is too small will push away from the chest or ride down. You can spill out from all areas, not just quading. But there is always 1 thing in common with a bra too small. It is uncomfortable. A well fitting bra will be nice and snug feeling.

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