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How to order comexim? » All bra adventures

How to order comexim?

After trying a couple comexims and loving them (even though they weren't quite a perfect fit), I finally worked up the courage to look at comexims site and convert the prices. I always thought that they'd be insanely expensive, it looks like they really aren't. Unless there's some weird extra charge I don't know about. Now I have do many questions! What size should I order? I normally wear a 28G uk, and you can see all my measurements on my profile. Please help me! I'm so confused about the sizing and I'mafraid to mess up. I have very close set, center full (and narrow rooted, I think) boobs, and bra straps are always falling down. How much should I have the straps moved in? Can I ask them to fully overlap the gore? How much do they charge for customizations? How much does shipping cost? Thank you all so much!!!

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  • Comexim bras are notoriously difficult to find the right size/alterations in. If you order any customizations, or sizes that aren’t in their drop down box, you cannot return them. Customizations are free, but my recommendation is to order a drop down size without any customizations so you can return if it doesn’t fit. If you’re willing to either keep it no matter what or lose some money on a resale, then take the leap and order a couple alterations. I found that moving the straps in too much made the cups feel shallower. I always order mine with straps moved in 1 cm and an overlapping gore. By only ordering a couple customizations I find they are always done. Sometimes if you order too many alterations you can’t tell what works on you and which ones were actually done.
    If you pay in full with PayPal you can tap in to their free returns program.
    I believe shipping is 20 zloty, and it takes 4-8 weeks to receive your bra.

  • I wear 28FF/30F and I wear a 60HH plunge/60J half cup, or a 65H plunge/65HH half cup. When I wore a bra closer to 30FF (sister size to 28G), I was ordering 65J. They're not very consistent with band stretchiness, so it's always a gamble if I go with a 60 or 65 band. I have had a 60 bands that stretch to less than 26" and I have had some 65 bands that stretch to around 28"....then another bra the 60 will stretch to 28" and a 65 band will stretch to closer to 30". You never really know...

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