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nipple piercings...

so any person with their nipples pierced? i'm considering getting them done, but wonder if it will dramatically change how a bra fits? do they show through unpadded bras? do they like, snag bra fabric? i know that ppl get them sometimes because they have inverted nipples or because they want to be able to feel more with them. but i have the opposite, i have extremely sensitive nipples that are rather long and thick, would piercing them help desensitize them and help "pull" them in and make them shorter? or do i not sound like a good candidate for it?

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  • I can only speak for myself. I had them pierced for a few years, then I took them out due to having my last baby.
    Mine always felt like they were overly sensitive, more than before, and one started to migrate out and I would have had to have it redone at some point.
    Yes they can show through soft cup bras. My solution to that was to use Wacoal No-Peeks cup inserts. During the summer if I wanted to go braless, but conceal them I’d use stick on nipple petals. I always felt like they got snagged on my towel or wash cloth while showering. In all it’s something I don’t plan to do again. I tried it, but it was alway more annoying than anything.
    Just make sure if you get them done you go to a reputable professional piercer. Good luck on your decision.

  • I don't think it'd help much to decrease their sensitivity.

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