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Sep 13, 2020 » All bra adventures


Sep 13, 2020

Has anyone tried a posture corrector or over bust corset to help with the breast weight issue?

I'm a 32H, and can't seem to find a bra that supports enough around the ribcage and lets me feel like I can still breathe enough that there isn't too much weight on my shoulders. I always have big knots in the muscles on the top of my shoulder between the bra strap and the base of my neck. I always feel like I am being pulled down in the front by my breasts, and just holding them up with my hands or laying on my back feels like an amazing relief for my whole upper body.

The posture corrector ads usually talk about improving the look of your figure (I don't care - I just want to be comfortable!) but I think by the laws of physics, anything to distribute the force of the weight over a greater area of my back, or down to my waist and hips (like a corset) would help.

Thoughts? Advice on specific brands of posture correctors?

For context:
I wear an Elomi matilda in 32H that is very comfortable, but I think puts too much weight on my shoulders.
I also have a Panache underwire sports bra in a 34GG. This one is better at feeling like it supports around the rib cage...but I want more support!
I tried on a Panache Jasmine 32H that supported well, but it was so uncomfortable with such a high gore.

Thanks, team!

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  • I’ve tried posture correctors in the past, due to slouching. It always ended up hurting my armpits because basically all it does is pull your shoulders back.
    As for over bust corsets, I was into them years and years ago. Over busy corsets can smoosh you’re breast into the body while at the same time pushing them up. If you’re interested in a corset I suggest one that comes down over the hips to help use your hips to hold everything up. Also make sure your corset has a steal busk in it. They can also make you feel hot since they hold in a lot of heat. A corset liner is also a good idea. It will help wick sweat away from your body but also keeping the corset clean.
    Maybe also try basque bras or long line bras. The additional band length on the bra body might help with the over all support. Hope you can find something that helps.

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