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I've been on an absolute ride getting this binder. I ordered this binder on February 21st, 2020; received it on May 23rd; had to wait until June 18th for my questions about refitting to be fully answered; and after sending it back towards the end of June, finally got my revised binder on August 17th. Now, I'm not going to place too much blame on this company, as they are small and their business was seriously affected by COVID, but beware of this if you order a binder from this company (even though they've stop taking binder orders as of right now).

This is a Shapeshifters binder, and I'm okay with it but not exactly thrilled. Shapeshifters makes binders on a custom basis, and as such, it is worlds better than binders I've tried in the past (a XL Gc2b binder is too small in the chest for me, a 2XL is too big everywhere else for me--oh and they're armholes are huge), but it still doesn't quite hit the mark. Under clothing--especially tighter clothing, interestingly enough--, my chest looks decently flat from a front and 3/4 view (no under-clothes pictures in the link, sorry), but from the side, it looks like I'm trying to smuggle pound cakes in my shirt. This is with a 'binding panel' added into the binder (not all Shapeshifters binders are made like this)! I'm not exactly sure if it's possible to get boobs as big as mine fully flat, per say, but I have a feeling this isn't the 'best' you could get. For instance, part of the way this binder works is by smushing your boobs together at the front of your chest, but this doesn't exactly look right to me/on me. It makes it so that shirt/dress/etc fabric catches around the boob mound and not around your actual ribcage, making it so that your torso looks disproportionately(?) narrow/not as wide as you would probably expect for someone with a flat chest. I wonder if this issue would be fixed with something like a bra binder, that keeps your boobs separate while binding so as to distribute flattened boob tissue across your chest....

The quality of this binder is very nice. I like the mesh back especially--it would probably be very comfortable in winter time. I am slightly skeptical of the way in which Shapeshifters does its custom sewing, however. As you can see on me, the binder kind of floats around my underbust area, and some of my breast tissue escapes out of the upper corner of the arm holes. This is after I got revisions done. Shapeshifter (as of the time I ordered my binder) only asks for chest, under-chest, stomach, hip, and length measurements for the binders, and I feel like this is insufficient. For instance, I had to get the straps on my binder shortened; shoulder length is not a requested measurement (for reference: I am 5'1 with a short torso and had to get the straps shortened two inches). I also wish I could have entered half or quarter inch measurements in some places; I'd probably like for the binder to be a little shorter than I got it revised to but probably not by a full inch.

Taking this out for a walk, I can say that it's generally comfortable but probably not something I'd wear all day (note: do not wear your binder for over 8-12 hours anyway!). Not only does it get really sweaty really easily, it just isn't all that pleasant to have your boobs smushed for hours on end. I'll keep waiting for my magical boobs on/off switch--or forays into alternative binder design by people with big boobs.

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  • Bummer it was such a struggle to get it, just for it not to work how you want it.

  • Binders are difficult, that is for sure. What is your next step, a different binder?

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