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Jun 28, 2020 » All bra adventures


Jun 28, 2020

@EwaMichalak bras are my new bra obsession. I want to get my first one! I'm in between a 30G (right now) and a 30FF in Freya and Panache for comfy bands. Heading back into 28G or 28GG territory for bands that stretch to 30 max.

After reading many of your wonderful reviews, I've gotta ask:
Is it true that for sizing "padded" bras you go down a cup? Ex: I'm perhaps a 65G in Ewa, so...
CHP: 65FF ?
PL: 65FF ?

Also I've noticed that for true Sister Sizes in BM-style measurements, it's a drop two cups? Ex:
BM: 65G = BM: 70F = S Style 70F ?

Any help would be really appreciated! Thank you :)

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  • You’re more likely to go down a size in unpadded cut i.e. if you’re 65FF in PL you might need 65F in BM, but not always. Personally I mostly wear same size in all cuts - PL, S and BM same size, chp vary - sometimes same and sometimes I can go down in the size, Sm sometimes the same and sometimes need one size bigger. It all depends on your shape and fabrics used by Ewa. Go by measurements or order 2 sizes of each bra you want to try - I’ve done it multiple times as sometimes band 65 was better than 70 and opposite.
    I’ve got many Ewa bras in our size range so go through them and see where you could start :) I’m 65FF/70F/75E

  • I agree with martka. A lot of people wear the same size across cuts, but if you need to size down it's likely to be for the BM or SF, maybe the CHP.
    Ewa Michalak is very popular and the sizes you listed are pretty common, I would go through the data and see which measurements match up to any bras you have that fit you well and go from there.
    I'd also consider using her calculator. It doesn't work for everyone, but I find it accurate for myself. If you do, just make sure you use centimeters (don't convert - or do the math yourself - google doesn't do it right) and make sure your tight measurement is as tight as you can possibly make it, like for realsies "break the tape".
    For sure check data here, though. Ewa sort of does her own thing and while her cups are generally consistent there are outliers (like the SMNs I recently got were ridiculously small in the cup) and her bands vary from loose to painfully tight and you may want to accommodate for that when choosing your size.

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