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Jun 02, 2020 » All bra adventures


Jun 02, 2020

I had such plans for lockdown. I was going to start running again! Lose those last few pounds! Be more productive! Clean and organize my bedroom, make it really nice!

Yeah...I ran once (was walking, but have slacked off again). Gained a good ten pounds (so the stretched out older bras fit). I did read a couple of books. My bedroom may look worse...

But as far as I know, I did not get Covid, so I suppose I sort of accomplished something? (Besides go up a pant size and up a cup and band.) Can I keep the bit of upper fullness and lose the belly?

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  • It'd be a dream, but no if your cup size goes down when you're losing weight there is no way to keep your cup size and make your waist thinner. No exercise could burn fat locally, so if you want your belly to be smaller you need to decrease the percentage of body fat in your body by being in a slight calorie deficit and exercising.

  • Unfortunately, I always loose boob volume when I lose body weight. I have sometimes heard of this mysterious phenomenon where people gain boob volume when they loose weight, but I'm not sure how?

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