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Trying bras from a different brand.

What do you look for when deciding to buy a bra from a different brand? My under bust is 25.5". Primarily due to the firm bands I've been wearing Panache Cleo's for years in size 28F. My go to bra the Minnie doesn't seem to be available. I tried the Marcie replacement Asher and it fits OK but I'm not thrilled with it. Last summer I bought a Curvy Kate Ellace but never really wore it. The other day I wore it all day and it felt wonderful. What I liked best is the shape of the underwire. It matches me perfectly. Unfortunately, it's really hard to find right now. Bratabase lists the Bravissimo Elise as a similar fit. However, the band length is 1" longer. Due to my small size I've always been concerned about the length and stretch of the band. If the cups fit well does band length/stretch matter as much?

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  • I think that depends on how heavy your breasts are, as the longer band will be less supportive. 28 bands are already hard enough to find and I find the UK ones seem to be more like 30 bands. You might be able to wear them but on the tightest hook, and thus the lifespan of the bra is shorter. If you can find one that is easily returnable, it might be worth looking into.

  • Certain Cleo's had pretty firm bands that worked well for me. I just measured a Cleo Minnie that has been worn a lot and compared it to the Cleo Asher that has been worn a couple of times and the Asher stretches out 2" longer.

    Out of desperation I've been wearing the Panache Jasmine and Envy. They stretch out faster, start sliding down on me and cause backaches. I can't tighten them beyond the 1st hook because they feel like I have a very tight rubber band digging into my rib cage.

    Also, how does one know when a band is no longer supportive? For me it's when it's no longer supportive on the outside hook. Hooking in the middle hurts but I keep thinking I'm giving up too soon. Hooking the bottom hook in the middle hook and the top hook on the outside has given me some longevity but eventually quits working.

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