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So I did it

I saw a bunch of photos of ill fitting bras on the models in my IG stories that I screenshot them, drew on them where the problem area is, and dm’d the company. I basically said that they’re not showing the bras on women that they fit properly and it’s misleading to the average person who knows nothing about the way a properly fitting bra looks. They see the side boob or gore not tacking and it’s how theirs looks so they think nothing of it. It’s irresponsible to do that and it perpetuates women in ill fitting bras. It’s not helping women get the best fit. So I have not heard anything from them yet but I really felt compelled to tell them.

So yeahhhh ...,

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  • Haha, way to go. It'll be interesting to see if you get any kind of a response!

  • That's very kind of you. I was suffering from the ill bra-fitting conception in China so far since I was a middle school student. In this conception every women should have a cake-in-plate cleavage if they are in right size. If you can't get such a cleavage, then you may have abnormal separated boobs or too small boobs. Because of the relative large boobs but no deep cleavage I was always mobbed by other students when we was in class trips going to swim or getting a shower together. I even had a depression cause I was shaming of my body shape, and especially my boobs.

    About one year ago I found this bratabase website. I think this website teaches people not only to find a well-fitted bra but also to accept every shapes and no body judgements. So I'm happy to see you sharing such correct knowledge to others. For the people who are still suffering just like my past time, it will be a great help. Good job!

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