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Still available ?

Stumbled upon this, supposedly being Christina Hendricks. But that does not really matter since the bra is what i'm after.

Can't find any modern replica and the vintage one similar to this in my collection is way too small to even think of wearing it.

Balconette, balcon, pointy and so on keywords lead to models quite a far cry from this one.

Just look at it. Uber-cute. I'll so much like to have one freshly made, functional and that fits, 46 E-F realm...

Thanks, have a glorious day !

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  • I really don’t understand the appeal of the pointy shape. It looks unnatural to me, especially the cone shaped ones in pictures. Most boobs are round. Why shove them into this shape?

  • Sovavosi ,
    I kind of like how pointy bras, think Doreen, feel.
    To me they are comfy, way less nipple compression and offer shelve like support from underneath.

    Back then that was it, miss them as my old ones decay... Elila has some pointy superbras but far cry from the real bullet deal.

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