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bra haul and size conversions

So I have not been very active here, but I did some bra shopping. I can get bras from Zalando with shipping and returns so ordered a few that looked interesting to me.
I will add data and I had fun trying on all the bras and taking pics for Bratabase.

Zalando does not always stock all sizes a bra comes in. Also the search function stops at 70K EU (which they sometimes convert to 32H but it can be any size really more on that later) so I kinda had to go through each bra if they stock my size. The worst thing is though that they do the size conversion from "Manufacturer size" to "EU size" super randomly.

With the Fantasie bras I was lucky that they stop at J - cup, so I could just use the largest size in the 70 band and would get a 32J. (It was usually an EU 70M. The Elomi bras and Curvy Kate they converted correctly but Freya is all over the place.
It was the weirdest size chart I ever saw. It looked like this:
EU size = size of manufacturer

70D = 70D
70F = 70E
70G = 70F
70I = 70I
70I = 70G
70K = 70H
70L= 70L
70M = 70J
70M = 70M
70N = 70N
70O = 70K
70O = 70O
75D = 75D
and so on

Would you know which size to chose in this chart? Also if there is 70O twice it's not a mistake, I linked to the site below.
I tried to get 32J in a Freya Viva bra I tried a 70N and hoped it to be 32J, it was a 32JJ. With the other Freya bra I ended up with a random 30K. I mean how would I know what size I order?! Also 70N is a 32J in Pour Moi bras on that site.

Anyway! Nothing besides one bra really worked even when they sent me the correct size. I will try to review all my bras, I might do some shorter reviews to get it all done. I feel a bit overwhelmed with so many bras.

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  • Uggghhh that's so annoying, when conversions make zero sense! Takes up so much time scrolling, calculating, double-checking etc.. plus possible trial and error when you've finally decided which bras to purchase :/

    ASOS do this as well, depending on their EU or UK site, I've once ordered a 70I and 70J in the same bra which turned out both to be 32GG?? No thank you I don't need two identical items?

    And I've had similar frustrations with Lace : Lingerie (although their customer service is great and they try to at least add a picture of the bra label).

    But yes, some logic concerning sizing charts would definitely be great!

  • 70N= 70N, 70O = 70O lol very helpful... now it know more :D ughhhh Freya does not do any 70 bands but 32 bands and there is no UK brand that does sizes up to O. EU might go up to O because they skip some double letters but EU O would be UK K.

    Just do your homework zalando, write down the sizes as they are written on the labels. Ughhhh

    Also ebay sometimes lists US = UK sizing... US 32J is an UK 32GG but they list UK 32J so I have to be careful when I search for my size.

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