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Bra stress!

I have not been active in the bra community for a while (sorry to those who expected me to keep my promise of updating my blog)! Which gives me all the more stress now:
I have mentioned in an adventure earlier, that I am set to be in international make-over show, and anticipated the bra-part of the make-over as well. Especially after the hosts made an interview, saying they are so focused on finding the proper bras etc.
Disappointment! We do not get bra make-overs. We got a gift-card today (2 weeks before filming) for Prima Donna and Marie Jo, and were told to go and get measured at any of the listed stores: These stores are clearly only listed by the requirement that they stock these brands, not because they have qualified fitters.
I have had my share of being stuffed into these particular brands in these particular stores, and let me tell you, it doesn't count as a bra-make over, and the other participants of the show will not get 'the perfect foundation for a make over'.
It also really, really puts me in a pickle. I have to buy a new one (because they have payed me to do so), but there is no way I can portray it as an improved make-over when I change out of my Ewa Michalak bra in 34JJ into a Marie Jo in 36G.
I have written to the producers, begging for them to take the giftcard back, and let me buy from Bravissimo or Ewa Michalak instead, but with only 2 weeks notice, my choices are limited - I will have to get it right in the first go, and I can only choose bras in stock from Ewa Michalak.
The reason I have not been at bratabase or my blog in a while, is that I've been rather sick and tired of boob and bras causing trouble, so this really, really sucks to have to deal with now!

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  • Don't let them stress you out! This should be an enjoyable experience for you, and if they're going to try to cram you into a bra that doesn't fit you won't enjoy it. I'd let them know the situation, and if they insist on you buying one of those brands buy the closest you can find. But I'd also take a new, attractive bra that actually fits. My suspicion is that "promotional consideration" has been paint those companies, so the producers are obligated to use them.

  • The problem is, the closest cup size is about 4 cup sizes off, so I can only choose a) super-smooshed boobs, which will seriously limit my clothing options for the make-over, or b) super loose band, so I will get no lift what so ever. Not too thrilled about walking a catwalk with boobs hanging twice as low as on any other day :(
    But yeah, I worry that they have made such agreement, so they have to use the PrimaDonnas. I can't believe they didn't consider this. One of the hosts of the show recently wrote on her blog that she bought a G-cup bra for herself, so it seems silly to make a deal with a brand that only makes up to G :s

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