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You what?!?! (A Facebook bra conversation) » All bra adventures


You what?!?! (A Facebook bra conversation)

So a friend shared a post about a woman who was told she couldn't work out at a gym because she doesn't wear a bra and apparently her nipples are distracting (BOOB POWER!) but not the point of this post... so sharing friend says "I prefer to go braless when ever possible because my bras uncomfortable and doesn't fit right". I was going to join in and Bravangal but decided to see what the comments said. Another girls jumps in "I can't stand VS (agree) so I buy my $14 bras that are wireless and I love them!" Then second commenter says "OMG I can't stand my VS bras either tell me more about these $14 bras!" So link is posted and she's all excited about sharing it. Second commenter responds and says "I wear a 34DDD or 36DD at VS what size do you suggest" (this is where the "You What?!?!? applies) So bra link poster responds "VS says I wear a 32DDD but I buy a 36D because it fits better" Yes that makes total sense buy bigger it's more comfortable.... I commented with "I prefer my bras from Poland because they actually fit correctly." Don't expect anyone to comment as buying cheap incorrectly sized bras is so much better than a correctly fitting bra.

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  • Some people learn the hard way. Like, no wonder you hate (VS) bras if you’re not wearing the right size. Let’s hope that your comment stirs up conversation. I have no shame. I’d flat out dish the dirt and try to help someone.

  • @Calluna I've tried explaining how bra measurements are actually supposed to work and how much better bras will fit when you use your actual measurements and not the add here, subtract there, then shove into what we carry type. But I rarely get listened to or they'll say I'll look into that and then don't. Which is funny because when I show women pictures of my Ewa Cherry they are like OMG I love that bra!!!!

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