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What's wrong with the pointy look ? » All bra adventures


What's wrong with the pointy look ?

An ever recurring topic, pointy look this, pointy look that, yada yada...

Can't figure this pointy look mass trauma altogether.

I mean, they're not supposed to be spheres. And if you lay on your back under water (Archimedes and stuff) they naturally assume a "pointy" or "torpedo" look. Why ? My hypothesis, bcause when uniformely supported or weightless that's how they like to be.

For real, I've had many of white nights thinking on that curiosity. Even drew 3D cad models to figure it out. Still can't

Is that something to do with fashion ? Societal norms ? Or simply because spherical bras are way cheaper to mass-produce and happen to be more misfit tolerant than the classic structural (think Doreen) multi panel cups ?

From my experience "pointy" is way more comfortabale than "sphere". But that's me, quite a special case indeed.

I genuinely like to understand, please help me figure this out. Thanks, I appreciate your contributions, have a superb weekend,


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  • I not sure about other boobs but mine are pretty round, more tear drop then sphere shaped. If they look pointy its because the bra doesn't fit me. I wear mostly unlined bras. I think most people especially those who wear the wrong size tend to wear only mold cups/t-shirt bras or bralettes. T-shirt bras and padded bralettes both create a round shape and that is what most people are use to seeing.

  • I feel it's a matter of your natural shape *and* squish factor, compiled with your personal preference.

    I don't mind the pointy look as long as it is complimentary to my natural shape and comfortable. Yet my nips are quite squishy so they tend to flatten to a round mound under most bra structures.

    Many women can't do pointy bras as it creates the orange in a glass effect or empty space at the apex point.

    Others simply want the softball look instead of footballs, haha. 😄

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