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A bra fitter told me this cool trick...

Fitters are often perceived as resident evils of bra shops, ready to jump on unsuspecting innocent preys. However most of times they are actually willing to help. And of course sell.

The balance between your cash and your comfort is in their hands. And even if it shouldn't happen, they have quite a bag full of tricks to make the cash register ding-a-ling twice.

Long ago I befriended Lady Erika, a close to retirement German dress & lingerie shop ower in a small city. Envision an always smiling, gentle self propelled encyclopaedia of all there's to know on fitting.

She said that, once the fitting done, you should always take off and put back the suggeted bra all by yourself and check, right on the spot.

Bra fitters are expert at pulling here, tugging there to achieve results impossible without external help.

Result, they can trick you into buying a model that will never feel or look as good as it did in the fitting room.

Specifically true for strapless and models with rather collapsible side panels.

Lady Erika, I miss you so much...

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  • This is a great point when trying on bras. I know that I have been snookered into more than one purchase. From now one, I will try on a bra again without the bra fitter present and see what I think about the comfort, appearance, and fit without their watchful gaze and helpful tweaks.

  • Wow! This is good to know. I will keep it in mind and not let this happen to me. Thanks for the heads-up!

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