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BM Bra Blues……. » All bra adventures


BM Bra Blues…….

My favorite bra style has been the BM by Ewa basically since I first tried it. My breasts appear to be in forever fluctuation mode, so the fit/feel seems to change regularly, but the lightness of the BM cups and that wonderful stretch lace seemed to ride the waves of my cycle beautifully. Yet back at the end of December/beginning of January my breasts decided to do a very painful swell, and while the bulk of that have since subsided, my breasts are slightly different now than they were two months ago and this is effecting the fit of my favorite style.

I have several 60KKs, and aside from 2 of them, the rest are painful. The cups fit very full (which by itself isn’t a problem) but this fullness is forcing breast tissue under the wires and that becomes painful within an hour of wear.

I do a swoop n scoop and a tricky reverse SnS to get the tissue off that center area but it creeps back under that wire every time. My gores on the 60KKs sit between 1.5 and 3 fingers off my sternum, which I know does not help the situation.

My solution was to go up to the 60L (which I ordered back during the crazy month of swell) but they are technically too big. I get a slight wrinkle near the strap area of the cup within the upper lace parallel to the seam, though this goes away with a forced tack. But the 60L is pain free for the whole day. It’s the closest to tacking I’ve gotten in years, and my nips actually sit at the seam instead of in the upper lace where I thought they permanently lived. How is it that it’s my best and worst fit wrapped up into same bra?

I am very frustrated as I see that wrinkle and it really bugs me while so many key fit aspects are right on point for the first time in forever.

As I sit here wearing my 60KK BM Wersal and being about two seconds away from ripping the darn thing off due to pains, I am fighting that urge to settle for pains over that darn wrinkle.

What happened to my bra bliss? I love the BMs too much to just give up on them, and it’s not like I have many other options in my size range, but I am finding the current fit/feel very depressing. I feel stupid for getting the BM 60Ls due to that darn wrinkle but I can’t bare the pains of the 60KKs.

Sniffle sniffle, sigh…… Thank you for listening to my whine.

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  • Sorry. I do understand how you feel, spending all that money on them and them not being perfect.

    Don't be fooled by good looks. Pain is never worth it.

  • Thank you @Sovavosi. 💜 I just need to get over that mental block about the wrinkle. It's just so hard to recondition the thought process.

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