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Jan 10, 2019 » All bra adventures


Jan 10, 2019

Hello Babes,
I value your opinion as bra experts and consumers, therefore I am looking into some output from you. Currently I am an owner of a bra shop for full busted and plus size babes..I operate from Canada till now I have been selling curated bras from manufacturers that offer wider size selection. However I found an opportunity to be able to manufacture if I find enough interest. I am looking at what is missing in the bra market. I realize that since you are here you are a seasoned bra shopper different than an average woman. My target market 30To 50 women in Canada and US. From what I tell our market is on average more conservative than European. Comfort and fit takes over style. Want to hear your opinion on what we need more of. Liking does not mean buying and buying means- production. Also shoot any ideas you have and I will try to answer all of it. I want to build a business that is a totally customer oriented so here I am. I will be able to answer some questions you might have from the business perspective kn how and why so you too understand the process from the other end. Will you help me ?

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  • @mamapagan might be able to offer some valuable insight :)

  • My questions would be
    What experience do you have from a manufacturing and bra making standpoint? Who would be making your bras? Yourself, local seamstresses, or do you plan on outsourcing the work?

    What band and cup range do you plan to cover, and what sizing style do you plan to follow? (Ie Inches or CMs, single or double letters? Etc)

    Do you plan on offering customizations or will it be straight off the rack?

    We all have unique needs, so if you cater to one set you will ultimately be alienating another, haha. Unless of course you offer customizing, but that opens up a large can of unruly worms.

    To give you an idea of what I am talking about with that, will your wires be wide like UK brands or narrow like Polish ones? Will your gores be wide set or narrow and overlapped? Will your cups have immediate projection or shallow at the wire?

    I could write a book filled with the questions and dilemmas of bra making, as I am sure many of the other women on here could as well.

    For some, yes comfort and support are utmost important while others want style and sex appeal.

    Really we want it all though. We want our bras to keep our breasts in place and under control, but we also want to feel sexy and confident too. We want to feel secure and painfree all day. We don't want bra bruises, or pains. We want options to suit our individual needs.......

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