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Straps sweet spot

I think that I’m struggling with my straps some...

I feel like I need them tighter on my BM Cabernet to get the best fit, though it’s possible that it’s just an illusion of some kind or my brain feels like it looks better with the straps tighter.

My 30F black Marcie very visibly fits best with the straps tighter...if the straps are looser, I get gaping at the top. That said, my 30F Marcie in navy is totally fine with the straps almost all the way extended. The navy is also about a half inch shorter all over in comparison to the black. I’m having a hard time with where the best place for the straps is.

Now, I’ve been noticing that my neck and shoulders have been hurting me more lately, and I’m not sure if it’s strap related or not. I’ve been working in the pharmacy a lot this last month while a tech has been away for the holidays overseas. Our counters post renovation last spring are higher and most of the staff are short like me (but they are allegedly regulation height). So having my arms raised up more to count or type at the computer is a daily thing and I am sure that is at least part of the problem. But I’m not sure if it’s also related to the straps.

Now when I put the bras on, I do have a few fingers space with the stretch, and I eventually stop noticing that they were tight to start with. I can verify that I have no band issues...they’re quite snug and there is no riding up happening.

I’m not sure what to do...especially with the black tightening the straps compensating for a shape mismatch as the cups are too open on top and fot friendly? Are they ok if snug but then isn’t a problem with wear? I took a few videos to show the Marcie in particular, but my face was inadvertently in parts of it so I had to scrap and will have to try to make it again later.

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  • I can't comment on the fit and straps issue, but you should try using a stool while a the pharmacy counter. I too am short, and find that over time, if the work surface height, either standing or sitting, isn't correct, I will develop soreness in my arms, wrists, neck and back. This happens slowly over several weeks so it's hard to diagnose. But once accurately identified, can be easily avoided in the future.

  • Thanks for the suggestion of a stool. Unfortunately, in our setting, it’s not practical because we move around so much as we are quite busy. We do use a stepstool to reach the highest shelves where we stock the drugs. However, the only kind of stool that would fit in the pharmacy setting is a shorter stepstool and then it becomes a tripping hazard based on the layout. And believe me, we have tried to figure it out and there is no answer. It is sort of a source of contention with the owner when he did the renovation.

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