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So I’m a glutton for punishment... » All bra adventures


So I’m a glutton for punishment...

I know that I told myself last week that I was not going to check my tracking number for my BM Cabernet from Broad Lingerie, because every time I checked it, I got a new/later expected date. It was originally expected to arrive December 7th, then 10th, 11th, 12th...I caved and checked it Monday and it was up to the 14th, and yesterday it went up to the 17th! That’s a full 10 days later than the original time. I tried resisting the temptation and not check it today, but...well, I wasn’t too successful. I mentally said, please be earlier than the 17th, as I had heard that Canada Post is intentionally giving overestimated delivery dates so that they can arrive earlier than anticipated. You know? Under promise and over deliver? Something like that. Anyway, I checked and it now says December 18th....BUT... it’s changed to “in transit” and the last scan was in Richmond, which is in my province, so with any luck, I’m going to have it sooner than I thought. Please please please over deliver from under promise...PLEASE!!

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  • I'm surprized it's taking so long. Maybe there was something else up with it. I ordered a swimsuit on Cyber Monday, and it should arrive from the UK in the next 1-3 days. I checked tracking and it says it's gone from the UK, through Richmond, and onto AB already in like 1 week (and the Canadian customs and postage from BC to Alberta was like a couple days).

  • It’s just the backlog from the strike plus the major increase of sales from Black Friday and cyber Monday. And Ontario and BC have been having a lot of the rotation strikes and issues. It normally would only be about a few to arrive from Toronto. I think that mine got held up in a major thing with the MIssissauga area. Odd that the swimsuit is from the UK but going through Richmond to get to Alberta. Mine says it is in Richmond. I can only hope that means that I’ll have it in a few days.

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