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Absolute Refusal

So, I wrote Ewa/Kaska because I had found a loop hole on the website to get the BM Babydoll in my size. So after lying through my teeth about my measurements getting me a 55F on their calculator (55 cm tight underbust 82 centimeter bust, which is really only lying about the tight rib measurement lol) and saying I'm usually wear a 60D and really want the SF bra.
She refused, claiming the bra would look square.
Then I just asked to get the BM since it was available to me in babydoll form. Her refusal was so strong that she got onto the website and changed it just to make sure that the BM babydoll did not have my size listed as a custom orderable size.
SOOOOO yeah. They were so against making the bras I want in my size, that they changed the website to get rid of the loop hole.
I sad now. I really don't like the 3DM and the huge floral motifs on the ONLY HM available I kind of hate....guess I can try some of SM/N ones in the 3DM style...maybe they'll appeal to me more.
Sigh. WHY EWA? WHY must you make things so difficult on me/us? I just want a really pretty, narrow wired, over-lapping gore, supportive SF bra. That's all I want!!! *whines*
Maybe I'll respond and ask for the 55F. XD

And now I'm not sure if I should order the 60D or not, here calculator suggest I wear a 65B or C depending on the slightly different measurements I put in. Obviously the 65 won't fit me...but IDK.

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  • I wonder if she is refusing you because you are a "new" customer. Kaska tried to refuse me on a 60K SM but I told her MamaPagan had the same bra and then she put the order in. Sorry :(

  • I agree with @Sovavosi. Her firm no to me changed when I pointed out the BM and SM babybolls included the 60L. She still doesn't recommend them but I can order them if I want to now. But to date, I have bought 54 Ewa bras, so that may be why.

    I'd say order one that shows available in your size then after that order is received try for the BM/SF again.

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