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Aug 07, 2018 » All bra adventures


Aug 07, 2018

I'm new here at Bratabase, and new to the world of "high end" lingerie. So I'm not sure I'm posting this in the right place.

I need your guys' help!

I have several things going on with my boobs and how I'm put together - that makes bras very difficult for me. Most notably that my one boob is A LOT smaller than the other. I'm a 28:6 - 28:7 - 30:6 - 30:7

I have found one bra that fits me quite well though, that I like. The Cleo Juna Balconnet bra (6461)

I would really llike to create a list of models from Panache that are:

1) a balconnet bra
2) padded
3) not moulded

From the limited research I have done so far, I have found the following:

- Cleo Juna
- Panache Petra
- Cleo Spencer

Do you have any suggestions for bras, or brands that might suit me? And please contribute to the list if you know any other models!

Panache Cleo Panache Black
Panache Masquerade Cleo Juna Balconnet Bra (6461) Panache Petra Balconnet Bra (9481)

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  • I must say how impressed I am with your research thus far and your tagging/linking abilities on the site! We have long time members who can't do that so good job! :D

    While I personally don't have enough experience with Cleo (and have no love for Panache, haha) we do have several members who do and can assist you.

  • When you say balconette, what is it about the shape that you like? Do you like the high gore, or the fuller coverage? The Cleo Mimi is marketed as a halfcup, but is probably very similar to the Juna. Freya also has a lot of cut-and-sew padded halfcups that may work for you, such as Patsy.

    Comexim is a Polish brand and uses European sizing, but they have a very large selection of both padded plunges (which can be more like balconettes) and halfcups. This may be a good option for you in the future, because they offer a lot of customizations for free (including things like raising or lowering gores and cup height, and adding cookie pockets on the insides of cups), but sometimes it's difficult to tell whether they actually completed those alterations or not, and their sizing can be a little inconsistent.

    Lastly, Ewa Michalak, another Polish brand, has a padded balconette cut called the "S" cut that may work for you. The benefit of these is that they come with removable pads which could help even out asymmetry.

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