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Value in entering discontinued models? » All bra adventures


Value in entering discontinued models?

I have several old (seriously like 175) bras on my personal bra log/spreadsheet with all the measurements that I’ve been feeling guilty about not adding back in to Bratabase. So as I am preparing to add this data, I can’t help but wonder if there is much value in adding in the really old ones and even the newer-ish ones that are prior seasons and now discontinued.

Since I am not listing these bras for sale or anything & most I don’t even own any longer (or I had purchased for others), does anyone see value in adding these purely for statistical purposes, or “brand trend” data? Many of them were ones I’d added back when I started (but deleted all my bras when I was trying to make a point….ahem…. :-[ ) but aside for having the measurements, several I don’t even have pictures of for visuals. (I know, what was I thinking by not taking any pictures?!? In my defense, I had a lot more photos but seem to have lost some folders & files on my computer. Not sure if it’s just a glitch or if I (eek!) accidentally deleted or moved some of my folders……. :-o)

So….. should I add them all, or just limit to the currently available models? If anyone sees value in the data for them I will happily add them all.

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  • You're totally going to get a strong YES from me.

    The way I see it there are many side uses of a database, as archive or record that this bra exists and it is not lost in time.

    If you have the brand and name, maybe someone will search for them at some point and they'll find an answer, maybe not for the measurements but the existence of it.

    Imagine that we're in the past and these bras aren't discontinued yet, you'd add them and then they'll be discontinued in the future. Now, imagine you're in the present and you add your bras and they'll be discontinued in the future. Situation is the same :P

  • Thank you @Jj. I will work on getting them back in the system then. :-)

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