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Large Comexim Size help!!😳 » All bra adventures


Large Comexim Size help!!😳

Hi everyone,

So I've recently come back to bratabase, wht can I say life got hectic. To make a long story short I am severely in need of a new desperately. I've been gone long enough tht I had to take new measurements. My fav brand is Comexim x I order from them directly via email. I write in both English and Polish so I can follow along at a glance.

The last size I ordered was 65P in Queen of Hearts PL, Tropical Garden PL, and Ginger in my first 3HC. The reviews go in depth, in short they all were almost perfect. QOH quads worst with 2-3cm now more like 4cm x Ginger quads least but was too tall, too wide, and the straps were too far apart,so I never wore it if anyone wants it.

My usual alterations also on my last order were:
Straps moved in 3cm
Cups reduced (not on the 3HC)
Gore narrowed
Gore overlapping
Gore reduced to 6-6.5cm depending
Cookie pockets purely for comfort

My new measurements are
Horizontal perimeter: 15.5in
Vertical perimeter: 13.5in
Laying perimeter: 13.5in

I don't know whether to order a 65Q and request narrowed wires because I'd like to have 6in/15cm width which could give me extra depth just in case or jus go with a 65R in regards to PL plus my normal alts. With 3HC I'm thinking definitely narrowed wires of 6in/15cm in 65P and cups reduced 3cm, plus my normal alts I might move the straps in 4cm on 3HCs though. How do I even order narrower wires, do I just say this, specifically say 15cm, use wires from a particular size like 65O, or is this the extra depth option I keep reading about??

Any thoughts??

Your fellow bratabasian

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  • In my experience, Comexim is just a complete crapshoot in this size range. No matter how well you plan out your sizing and alterations, they're way too inconsistent for that to make much of a difference

  • @kermitdafrog21 how I missed ur blunt responses lol x I was afraid it was gonna come to tht. *Sigh* u and I are about as close to each others sizes as we're gonna get. It was actually ur review of a 65R tht made me wonder if I should get tht size ur depth was 13.4in with similar alterations and since my layin perim is 13.5 I was wondering if I should give it a shot with my semi firm boobs 🤷🏽‍♀️.

    I kinda jus wanted some direction b4 I make a large order bc I'm potentially makin a huge mistake that I might not be able to correct once they go on break in July 😩

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