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Apr 15, 2018 » All bra adventures


Apr 15, 2018

Hi, so after a few years when I had little opportunity to worry about bras, I'm back and replacing my arsenal and need a bit of advice. I went back to Ewa Michalak's bras, as they always fit me well. I bought the old ones when there was I think just the PL and CHP style to choose from, so I have no idea how the others compare and what's changed.

So I went ahead and bought two PL's in two sizes. One is way too tight and I will be returning it, but the other is spot on. It is in 75H. I wear both cookies on my smaller side to get it filled out evenly (yay!), but compared to other styles, the PL avoids my most voluminous areas - top and center. I used to wear a cup size up in CHP compared to PL.

Well, now I'm really in love with the sheer SM Różowa Mgiełka. They mention it runs quite tight in the band and since the bra I own is ever so slightly on the tighter side on me, I'm definitely going for an 80 back. But should I go for the sister size, 80GG, or size up in the cup for an 80H? I tried comparing the bra measurements here, but the cup depth of my PL is right in the middle between them. Also I am worried about the trim on the upper part of the cup - as a tall rooted, full on top lady, trims were always my nemesis. Then again, EMs have always fit like they were made for me personally.

Is somebody more familiar with the styles?

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  • Most people wear one cup size larger in the padded styles than in the unpadded styles, so that would point to GG or even G. I only had 1 SM ever, and it was a full size too small in the band, but with an extender it ran big in the cup - specifically on top, even tho I'm fot. but it may have been an exception. Hopefully others will check in. Meanwhile look at pictures here of SMs in those sizes and try to see if you can get a feel by looking!

  • Hello!

    The SM is my favorite bra from Ewa. It has been my go to, daily bra for almost 5 years now, and I've owned an embarrassing amount of them. I do not think they run smaller in the cup than the PL, in fact I normally need to go *up* a cup size for the PL cut. I would probably start with an 80GG. Ewa usually does the trims pretty well, I think I've had maybe 1 or 2 that ended up more closed off on top than expected, and I think she's gotten better at accounting for that over the years. I feel like they're quite roomy on top, really the only area they sometimes struggle with enough depth is along the gore area.

    FWIW I tend more towards an even shape, with very tall roots (that admittedly get pretty shallow as they head towards my collarbone), with lots of inner fullness and very close-set breasts.

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