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Ewa Michalak question

I am nine weeks pregnant and bursting out of my 28JJ bras (ouch).
I am probably closer to 26KK right now after weight loss because of severe nausea vomiting - at least now I´m a bit better and not losing weight anymore, but my ribs shrank and my back hurts from my bras being too loose.
I really hope I will be able to put on some weight and get back to wearing 28 bands, however, my breasts are getting bigger despite the weight loss.
I was looking at Ewa´s nursing bras and want to get some of them during the future months, however, her full bust range starts at 34 band size which is way too large. And she says her other nursing bras only come in the size 30 - still too large - and up to K cup, which will most likely be too small. Does she even make bras in sizes like 26/28L or even larger cups?
Fourtunately, I have friends who speak Polish, so they can write to her for me, this should not be an issue.
I will be really greatful for any insight.

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  • She generally does not, and has implied that american women arent really that small, they just wear their bras too tight. In your size range, it can be hard. You might need to just buy what you think is closest, and pay someone to take them in, tho that can add up.

    fwiw, I recently got my first FB, its a 75 and fits like a firm 32. Which is still too big for you, but maybe not as much? Also, the first time I ordered from her, I ordered 2 70 bands and one was so tight I was never able to wear it without an extender, but the other was fine. So some of her bands run a size small. I think the SF, FB and SM are the ones that have run smallest for me, in the band.

    also, they have some ppl who are very good with english. If you use her sizing calculator (but pull super-super tight for your tight ribcage measurement), and write her with your issue and say what her calculator said, she might work with you, or at least have a suggestion, but she generally stopped making bands smaller than a 30.

  • MamaPagan Any insight?

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