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Plus Full Bust Bralettes

So after not being able to find a cheap skin toned bralette to wear under thin weekend knits I tore apart some old leggings, found a thick piece of elastic I was going to use as a belt, and some old bra straps, and made myself an ugly but functional bralette. I guess my question is, why are there so few bra sizes bralettes for the plus full bust market? What I made is not that much different than other bralette patterns, it just is more gathered at the bottom. There is obviously a market for them. Is this just about brand image- not wanting to make things for bigger women? What gives?

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  • I honestly think that most brands just believe that larger women with large breasts will have zero interest in bralettes. There's not enough support in a brallette for most larger women to purchase them. I think you're unique in this aspect. I have seen a few full bust brallettes on the market and the number one comment is: "There's not enough support, I should just get a sports bra." So, unfortunately, just like with brands like Curvy Kate getting rid of size 28 bands, companies just won't get enough money out of developing plus size full bust bralettes. It's sad really.

  • Woo! Hoo! I'd love to see what you created. Does it provide the support you desired and is it comfortable? Hoping so!

    From my perspective, it may be related size variation. The bra market caters to a very limited size range, and they likely use Pareto analysis to determine the sizes they offer. Their motive is profit rather than fitting 95% of the population. Until manufacturers move away from high volume production, shipped across thousands of miles, made with slave labor, this won't change. This production model is also what fuels rampant environmental degradation. Sigh.

    I'm armed with wide elastic and old t-shirts. My double layer, cotton t-shirt bralette is my favorite. But, I made it a size or two too-small. ;-)

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