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The Frankenstein bra…..or reasons I am not a seamstress, bra alteration failure » All bra adventures


The Frankenstein bra…..or reasons I am not a seamstress, bra alteration failure

So I decided to attempt to alter one of my bras that was a bit too small in the cup, and the results were so hilarious that I thought I’d share them with you all. I figure everyone could use a good laugh, so join me in my journey in bra alterations 101.

First I thought, if I remove the padded liner, I could make this CHP an unlined bra and have a better fitting cup. I grabbed a nice n sharp razorblade and went to town. I could easily get the foam lining out of the cup around the wire, carefully pulling the tulle lace away from the wire to insure I didn’t cut it as well. I got to the seams within the cups, only to realize that they are indeed sewn with the tulle and padding together, so removing the seams on the padding also removed them from the cup itself. I figured oh well (since I already started) and removed the whole seam (as it was the only way to get the padding removed) and thought it would be easy to resew since the seams are already folded. I initially tried to keep the cookie pocket in place just in case the tulle wasn’t supportive enough. This did get in the way, but wasn’t the real problem. As my sewing machine moved the tulle forward with the stitching, it did “grab” it at an uneven pace, which resulted in some pointy sections on the cup. I also must not have removed the stitching correctly, taking some of the tulle with it, as the cup was definitely too small unlined-smaller than it was with the padding (which is obviously not logical!) Flat pictures of this are added.

Since I experimented with only one cup at a time, I knew I needed a different approach for the second cup. So, I opted to cut out the cookie pocket with the razor, then the outer and inner most sections of padding on the cup, leaving the middle and seams intact. This resulted in a bit of extra support and nipple chaffing protection/thin modesty panel. Since it didn’t remove the seams, this approach required no sewing and the results were nice.

Well, I then figured I’d try to remove the stitching and see if I could resew that first cup, only to find out that a razor blade on straight tulle lace is not doable, and I just ended up cutting up the tulle. So since I couldn’t go back and fix the first cup, so I thought, “Hey, I’ll try making a shelf bra!” and I folded over the tops of the cups and sewed an edge stitching across it, creating a shelf. I then put it on and showed my husband, who just laughed. “Honey……hahahahaha….you have some quad boob….hahahahaha…..” After he stopped laughing, I got him to take some pictures, so you all could join in the humorous moment.

So, the lessons for today is,
1st-I am NOT a seamstress.
2nd- if you need some extra space you can use a sharp razor to remove the outer and inner most padded sections, as long as you leave the middle and seams intact.
3rd- My bras really do squish the lower part of the breast into the cup, as the “shelf bra flop out” side shows…..
4th- If you need a really good laugh, see the pictures added!

All and all, this gives me a renewed appreciation for all those bra makers we have here, and though I’d like to think with practice it would get easier, I am realistic, and know this is not my forte. I will stick to shortening bands and moving straps in/lowering outer curves. Cups I’ll leave to the professionals!!!

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  • I am SO GLAD you tried this and warned us! I believe I would've gotten even worse results than you did.

  • Thank you @learningaboutbras. :-)
    I figured I could laugh & share or get frustrated. The prior seemed like a wiser choice! And even though I ruined this bra, at least I now know what I can and can't do, hahaha!

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