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My oldest daughter has started developing up top, just as I find out about bras which actually fit. Now I am utterly paranoid of having her hate her body, hate her bras, or damage her breasts - and it's worse since she measures 25" around and the smallest bras available to try on anywhere in the country are 30As(at least it seems like this is so), and even the sport-bra type things they have slide right up onto her nipples as soon as she raises her arms! I'm terrified of ordering online for her because at 10, she's too young for an underwire, but she's already got a 29" breast measurement and the A cups we can find are seriously too small for her breasts and I am panicking. I know it will only get worse over the next year (or 10) as she grows, and I know ladies on both sides of her family are not exactly lacking in the bosom. ARGH!
My own mom was always a bit in denial about large breasts (hide them! THE MEN WILL LIKE THEM! OH NOES!) and my mother in law actually got a reduction many years ago, so I am also a bit terrified of what THEY will say to her when they see her in the next couple of months. M-i-L also does a terrific amount of fat-shaming and skinny-glorifying, and I want her to be in my kids' lives but I don't want them exposed to that. Why did everyone tell me diapers and no sleep would be the hard things about having kids?

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  • Despite your frustration, I am so glad to see a mom who also take their daughters bras very serious! My mother did not know much of bras, and still can't shake her mothers idea that D-cups are grotesque (even though she was happy with the result of the fitting I gave her, that put her in a UK G-cup), and would prefer I wore minimizers.
    Your daughter would probably be a 26D, so 28C's would also do. If she is not wearing underwires, I think it could be possible to take some soft cup 28C's or 30B's and alter the band, if you can sow.
    Royce has a "missy" range, with non-wired bras for young girls, and Royce is also sold in the US, so maybe see if it is anywhere close to you? :)

  • I wouldn't say someone is too young for underwires. Sure, there are sports bras without underwires which work well, but if she needs/wants the support, underwires should be an option regardless of age?

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