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Why!!!! (Rambling vent) » All bra adventures


Why!!!! (Rambling vent)

Ok maybe I'm weird, maybe it's all in my head, I'm probably still in denial about my size especially since no one besides my hubby and mom understand bras outside the matrix world, but I think my boobs grew again! Which honestly sucks because I just got two new ones maybe 2 months ago! My boobs loved to do this I finally find a bra that fits perfectly but now I'm feeling smashed... again... The bigger issue is my favorite style is of course the almost none existent the EM CH style. I can wear the CHP but the cups feel to closed in at the gore which causes a weird gap at times. I also don't feel like it offers enough depth.
Then last night I had the wonderful idea to try my Anna Pardal on that never fit and guess what... It's to small now!!! I still have this funky gap at the top which is because it's only been tried on and new washed. It's like a fold line but even with that straightened out I now have smashing and quadboob.

Alright whiney bra rambling vent over... Thanks for reading :)

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  • Sorry. i'm right there with you. If i dont lose some weight, my next purchase will be up another cup size . . . like 32K :-(

  • I think it's all those unanswered prayers of wanting boobs when I was younger coming back to bite me.... LOL
    I thought mine might have been weight gain related but I haven't gained any recent.

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