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Instruction to alter U-shaped bands

As I alter all my bands down to a 26, I thought it might be time to share my knowledge with those, who also desperately need their 28s to be smaller, or who just have bands that stretched out too big permanently.
Or, like most of my cases, buy bigger bands/crosssizes to get the cheap sale prices (as I have to alter my bras anyway). 28E is a size that is sold out very early, and therefor often doesn't even make it to the sale section. So I buy crosssizes that don't get bought very often, generally I buy 30DD's, 32D's, 34C's at Ebay or someplace other, and alter them down to a 26F.
This way, I get all the shiny bras always under 20€ a piece, it is just some work left. I prefer altering my bands in the evening in front of my TV, than paying the double amount and often being still in need to alter it anyway.
But I prefer altering u-shaped bands (where the straps end in the closer instead of straight at the band), as they are much easier to change, though they look more complicated at first.

So here is how I do it (sorry for the text, I originally did it in german, and now I translated it for you, but I guess it will at least always be better than german for you guys ;) )
Oh, and don't forget to check first how much you need to take out! I hold the closer to the place where I would like to hook my bra in, and measure from the place to the actual middle hook (so that in case I take out too much or too less, there will be still some place to move).

I based this technique on an instruction from, so thanks to the girls there!

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  • That's a really nice way to alter leotard backs and gets around the thing which I've always come up against- the strap placement. I'm always trying different methods of shortening the band of my bras so I think this one will be next on the list!

    Out of curiosity, what's the most you've taken off a band using this method? I'd love to get back into Cleo bras again, but I'd be looking at taking probably 7-10" stretched length off to get the right cup volume.

  • thanks :)
    The biggest would be the 34C then. As that is 4 crossizes bigger, I took off about 15cm/6" unstretched

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