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The One That Got Away...

Grrrrr...just venting here! So annoyed at myself!!! There was a BNWT EM that I need on EBay in my size for a decent price, with 5 watching so I knew it would be competitive, but the auction time was waaaaay past my bedtime (time zone difference) and instead of just doing the SMART thing and putting in a bid before going to sleep just letting the chips fall where they may, I said to self, I said, "hey go to sleep now and wake up in the middle of the night and play the bidding war so you can WIN hehehe' being all competitive and 'Merikan and stuff, and what happened??? I did NOT hear the alarm, I did NOT wake up, I did NOT even have a horse in the race and the gorgeous thing went for the lowest bid, one person, gone. All my own stupid fault, And it was going to be my birthday present to self too.....waaaaahhhh... {{sobs bitterly, then looks in the mirror, faces addiction to bras & unbecoming competitive nature}}
So I guess the moral of the story is what to learn from the one that got away. Maybe that's the real birthday present to self :-)
Thanks for letting me vent, y'all!

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  • I feel your pain! But try and look at it like this: something way better will come your way soon! Think positive-
    A better bra is on its way.... :)

  • Oh sheesh, I feel your auctioning pain too! All the planning and research and what-ifs that go into wanting to get that win! And then living with the disappointment when it doesn't work out. A failed auction tends to hang with me, making me grumble for awhile. It sounds like you needed that extra sleep. And who knows, maybe the stitching was weird on it or the cups a little wrong and you saved yourself a greater disappointment by not winning.

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