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Recommendations for bra inserts for shallow breasts?

I don't mean the push up inserts that you place at the bottom of your bra. But ones that will cover most of your breasts (or ones that you place on top of your breasts, not under) but not the huge ones that add a cup size or two. Nor the fake boob ones with nipples. I have two push up inserts. One is called Flirt by Flaunt ( ) and they are super thick and the other is a small pair from Walmart (they look like these: ). The Flirt is too thick for my tastes (I don't need to be an extra two cup sizes...) and I still experience some gaping with them plus they just makes my breasts look very oddly shaped (extremely bulky at the bottom but still shallow on top. Like I have two boobs in one... My breasts are already bottom heavy so I don't need ANY more projection there) but the small ones aren't quite enough. They provides a little bit of lift but not enough to make my boobs projected enough at the top to not have gaping in my bras. Doesn't matter what bra I try or what size. I'm am always gaping even in low cut bras (go down a cup size and it's quad boob city). I even do the swoop and scoop thing and that only helps a TAD (if I do too much I get quad boob). I want something that will only had about a half cup size but fill my breasts out enough at the top (not the bottom) in order to make my bras not gap so much anymore.

Sorry if this was long or I've repeated myself. Just trying to explain it as thoroughly as possible.

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  • I cant really help, but I'm curious, are you trying to stop gapping or get more cleavage to show under shirts? Because if you are trying to stop gapping you might just ask for what bras are more FOB friendly in your size range. You could also try half cups.

  • I still gap a bit in half cups. My boobs are seriously shallow. It's odd. I can squeeze my breast tissue with my hand so it's clear I have breasts there. If I 'prop them up' with my hand from the bottom you can clearly see where my breasts suddenly round out at the top. If I try to go down a cup size they just dig into the tissue and cause major quad boob. But when I let them go (i.e stop propping them up with my hand) they go flat. No projection at all. Tons of projection at the bottom but still perky (I can't even attempt to hold a pencil under them. They are too lifted for that) and my nipples point up... They don't 'hang' like bell shaped breasts. They are more teardrop shaped. They look like heavy sky sloops. I know that might make no sense lol.

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