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So, HOW often do you buy bras? » All bra adventures


So, HOW often do you buy bras?

I really feel like I'm overdoing it. Oy.

I got 2 ewas in December (right at the end of the month iir) and a blue Jasmine in late January. Now i'm eyeing a dark red jasmine on sale on amazon, but still wondering when that lace-covered SF might come out. I have plenty of bras! But the jasmine and SF fit better than the floris and BMs and Ss (tho i do still like my Ss).

I have 2 jasmines, 1 floris, 2 Ss (plus one I need to sell), 2 BMs, 1 SF. and a lacy unlined comexim i only wear for special occasions because its somewhat difficult to wear. Oh, and that SF? I havent seen that in a while? it doesnt really fit any more (i have a lot of bras that are too small - like maybe i'll lose weight)

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  • I buy bras whenever I see one I can't whenever Ewa gets around to releasing new bras. What lace covered SF are you referring to? The Royal Blue?

  • I buy too many bras, but then again my boobs keep changing, so they are forcing me to do so. Also summer is coming quickly here and now I need more unlined bras. I have been trying to be more disciplined and sell or store bras that I don't need. I have 2 brand new Comexims I might list soon and probably 2 Comexims I will store. That makes room for 4 new bras. Wait, I'm doing it again, aren't I...

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