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A new way to determine cup depth you need? Join the experiment! » All bra adventures


A new way to determine cup depth you need? Join the experiment!

For doing experiment you need:
- a horizontal, flat surface (floor or a bed)
- a soft tape measurer
- a boob (the bigger one)

Lay flat on your back. Boobs naturally fall too the sides, they go to meet their friends the armpits.
To avoid this, you will slightly tilt your body to one side, so that your bigger boob ends completely on your torso. (The other one will probably be laying on the bed with the rest of you)
Put a finger where your root is, or even push it a bit to the torso if needed.
In this position, measure the perimeter of your boob.

The theory:
The number you get should equal the *smallest possible cup depth* you'd need in a fitting bra.

Measuring breast perimeter while bending over is often misleading. It will depend on an amount of saggines or loose skin one has. That's why the cup depth that actually works for you will be noticeably smaller then your measured perimeter.
While on the back, a boob is held closest to the chest without being squashed,
so this kind of measuring seems to be more accurate.
So far the theory has been confirmed by three Bratabase members,
I'd love if more members would join the experiment!

Playing with boobs is a revelation in so many ways :)

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  • My breast perimeter today :

    -bending over : between 19 and 20 cm (it depens if I count a very shallow thing near my sternum)
    -laying flat on the back : 21cm
    -standing : 21cm

    I have the inverse result you get, bending over, my breast perimeter is smaller ! Strange.

  • Ha! Very strange indeed. But I'd still say 21 is the cup depth you'd ideally need. A very shallow one, if I remember your boobs correctly :)

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