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I am about a size 30F. My boobs are projected at the bottom and then gently slope upwards ... to my shoulders. My biggest issues are find gores that are low and thin enough not to hurt my close set boobs. Plunges sound like the the obvious solution but many times the gores are still too tall and wide and the cup the wrong shape. They are too shallow at the bottom, I have gaping near the strap, and I also have cutting in because the cup is too closed off. The only plunges that do work is EM pl and M cut. I have found balconnet/half cups work best. They have the projection I need but are open up for my roots. The shape of EM CHP is ideal but the wires are too hard and the gore too wide. Comexim halfcups have more comfortable wires and gore but the cups aren't projected enough. Still looking for the perfect bra...
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