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I really don't like plus 4/5/6 band count. I prefer count 1, but 2 at most 3 is ... ok. What works for one doesn't work for everyone. We are all unique and different.

I also don't mind sizing by sight, if its accurate. I like measuring, measurements are the bra bottom line- if you will. The woman could be 31 under and 46 over, no matter what the bra tag says- she is still 31/46.

As for the bra industry- it is true that different brands size different, or the cut is different. Well bra lines are geared toward certain body types.
A full busted, or full figured bra brand could be that way because its for a woman that has a full figured bust. US companies (some) really believe that, those busts start at 36. It isn't true, there are many 34,32,30 etc.but many of the latter women have been incorrectly sized so, its been the belief- theres no way 30,32,34 can be -.

US bra brands are coming along, there are several that go to 30 band and to F/H cup.
It won't be long 28-24 will be buying their size on the floor, and I,J,K,L will be available on the floor as well.

Ok now:

My bras;
Gores: plunge seamed bra preferable, will do balcony also.

Need low Gore's. Medium to wide wires and projected cups for Full on top boobs.

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